Institute for Policy & Social Research 2018-2019 Luncheon

Institute for Policy & Social Research will host our first research luncheon of the 2019-20 academic year on Friday, September 6 from 11:45 am to 1 pm in Blake Hall 210. 

Tim Pleskac, Professor of Psychology, will present on “Comparison of single- and double-blind review of scientific abstracts for a high-stakes international conference.” 

Authors: Timothy J. Pleskac, University of Kansas; Ellie Kyung, Dartmouth College; Gretchen Chapman, Carnegie Mellon University; Oleg Urminsky, University of Chicago.

Concerns of possible bias during peer-review often prompt calls to move from single-blind review (identities of reviewers are withheld but not the authors’) to double-blind review (identities of reviewers and authors are withheld). We compared these two systems in a large-scale field study where each abstract submitted for the 2018 SJDM Annual Meeting received single- and double-blind reviews. The quality and attendance of each talk at the conference was also assessed. Results reveal a small but significant bias for single-blind review to favor papers with more senior co-authors. However, neither review process successfully predicted the quality or popularity of talks. 

Please join us for lunch at 11:45 am on Friday, September 6. The presentation begins at noon.

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