Welcome to the 2021 Oklahoma-Kansas Judgment & Decision Making (OKJDM) Workshop!

For more than 25 years, the annual OKJDM workshop has provided a friendly, multidisciplinary forum facilitating collaborative Decision Science and Human Performance research and development. This one day workshop historically takes place either in Kansas or Oklahoma, bringing together diverse practitioners, professionals, and students from the broader region. The workshop is free and open to all interested participants and qualified presenters. Although there is no set format, this year’s workshop will include opening and keynote speeches, 9 research presentations, and a flash talk session. This year’s workshop will be hosted at the University of Kansas and will take place virtually over Zoom. Registration and presentation are free.

The 2021 OKJDM workshop took place virtually on April 17.

Thank you to everyone who attended or presented!

You may view the 2021 Program HERE.